Most Innovative Mushroom Brand on the Market.

Innovative mushroom brand Mushroom Lyfe has launched a revolutionary line of functional and euphoric mushroom products. Utilizing the planet’s most powerful medicinal mushrooms, this unique and appealing line is highly effective, efficient, and a convenient solution to nurture the body and elevate the mind. We call it ¬– mushrooms for life! Shroom responsibly™

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Harness the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms.

Our Mushroom Lyfe Functional collection was inspired by a need – a need for taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing. We offer Funtional Gummies, Functional Tinctures, and Functional Softgels to support sleep, focus, immunity, wellness, mood, brain function, and even stimulation with our prominent arousal formulation. Choose any product from the functional line to give the body what it needs.

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Exclusive Provider of Euphoric Mushroom Products.

As an exclusive provider of bioengineered muscimol, our Mushroom Lyfe Euphoric Collection features legal, high-purity bioengineered muscimol isolate. Muscimol produces a mildly euphoric, dream-like state-of-mind. Our products DO NOT contain psilocybin or any scheduled compounds. The Mushroom Lyfe Euphoric collections differs from existing products on the market as our bioengineered muscimol isolate provides a consistent strength every time. And did we mention they taste good and make you feel good too?! Get hip to the trip™

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